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End of an Assassin Thrillers


End of an Assassin | Book 1

Wanted: effective killer. No experience necessary.

Kaden Rivera expected another dull shift at the restaurant. Instead, the 23-year-old left wearing her own blood.

An armed robber had attacked. Kaden surprised everyone, including herself, by knocking him out. An impressed businessman offers a gig as an assassin. The side job was supposed to be simple. And it was, until her colleagues start dying.

The boss is useless, and police aren’t an option. Her only help is her best friend and a new AI mouse that he dubbed her “assistant.” While still completing assignments, she plummets deeper into the criminal underworld—without her consent.

Her only choice is to claw her way out.


End of an Assassin | Book 2

Kaden Rivera, former assassin, just wants to be a regular 24-year-old, sharing her life with friends and family, even working an underpaid, mundane job. Unfortunately, being an assassin doesn’t just end. Her newfound enemies don’t care what she wants—they care about what they want, and they want Goose, Kaden’s exceptional AI robot mouse. They have a funny way of asking for it.

As in they don’t ask at all.

The faceless enemies force their way into Kaden’s life, and spare no expense in money or bodies. She must face the consequences of her former life, and these consequences are clear:

Either give them the mouse or endanger everyone she loves.


End of an Assassin | Book 3

Kaden Rivera was pulled out of assassin retirement for one final mission: dismantle the human trafficking network that she helped build. It’s hiding behind a screen, buried within a dark web marketplace where nothing is legal or kosher. 

They’re buried into society’s fabric like ticks, feeding off of humanity’s ugliest vices.

Pressure builds for Kaden to take on the entire organization, and the guys running the show prove more ruthless and clever than Kaden’s employers. If she’s to succeed and wipe out their international network, she needs to tap everything she’s got.

No matter how much it hurts.

What readers are saying about the End of an Assassin series…

“If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary but with great characters and a great storyline then you’ve chosen the right book.”

— Amazon reviewer

“The End Of an Assassin series introduces a resilient heroine who tries to do the right thing despite the risks. A solid read.”

— Lit Amri, Reader’s Favorite


Jordan weaves her sense of adventure into thriller and science fiction novels, catching inspiration from a lifetime of daydreaming when she should have been learning or working. She adores a good, buttery pastry and watching wildlife webcams.

Jordan’s main characters are all flawed yet powerful in their own way, and they invariably end up thrown in a pressure cooker. Her ideas come from her musings into sociology, technology, and what it means to be a human.

She is working on a science fiction series.

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