Kaden Rivera was pulled out of assassin retirement for one final mission: dismantle the human trafficking network that she helped build. It’s hiding behind a screen, buried within a dark web marketplace where nothing is legal or kosher. These guys are ruthless and everywhere, fed by the wants of Americans everywhere with whatever vice they want.

They’re buried into society’s fabric like ticks, feeding off of humanity’s ugliest bits.

Pressure builds for Kaden to take on the entire organization, until one day she realizes she has no choice if she’s to knock them out. The guys running the show prove more ruthless and clever than Kaden’s employers. If she’s to succeed and wipe out their international network, she needs to tap everything she’s got.

No matter how much it hurts.

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About the Author

Jordan Everett weaves her sense of adventure into thriller and science fiction novels, catching inspiration from a lifetime of daydreaming when she should have been learning or working. She adores a good, buttery pastry and watching wildlife webcams (somewhat like an actual cat).

Jordan’s main characters are all flawed yet powerful in their own way, and they invariably end up thrown in a pressure cooker. Her ideas come from her musings into sociology, technology, and her own multi-racial heritage.